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Save The Skyline

Monday, March 5th, 2007

721walkietalkieapproved_pic1.jpgI’m a huge fan of high rise buildings. I have been sad enough to spend a fair few hours on a summer day just lying on the grass outside One Canada Square, staring up in wonder. However today for the first time I find myself joining the “keep London’s skyline as it is!” protest.

As I was flicking through the paper whilst sitting on the train approaching the city, I was amused to see a picture of the north bank of the Thames including a building which was foreign to me. Actually it looked like something more at home on the story board of a Sponge Bob Squarpants episode.

I glanced out of the train window – conveniently I could just about see the area where the building would be – to check that this structure had not infact been inflated overnight, and was relieved to see no sign of it. However, as I read on my amusement turned to worry as I discovered that this was a picture of how the skyline would actually look in a few years time after the recently approved “Walkie Talkie” tower is built.

I don’t want to sound like some pompous art student but it really would ruin the composition of the skyline, which at the moment has a few elegant tall buildings nicely grouped together. I’m all for having a high rise district but in my opinion this should remain in docklands. Random overbearing buildings like this are not the sort of thing I want to see spoiling the view from the oxo tower restaurant! I don’t think the expression, sticking out like a sore thumb has ever been so apt.

Read more about the Walkie Talkie Building here. Also visit Skyscraper News for more architectural news. Image by Miller Hare