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Lily Allen's views on the UK housing market

I’m quite into programs like News Night and This Week especially when there’s a younger personality involved in the debate or discussion. Last night on This Week, Lily Allen was asked the question “What are the main issues affecting young people?”. She spoke out about her views on money, debt and the cost of housing in the UK and seemed rather angry about the state of the economy and kept mentioning the ridiculous cost of houses. She revealed that although she earns good money, she still can’t afford a one bedroom flat in London. If Lily Allen cannot afford to buy a property, is there any hope for the rest of us?

I am the same age as Lily and I agree that the cost of UK houses must come down or level off at some point; they simply cannot continue their steady increase for much longer. I was annoyed while watching the program because Lily came out with many good points yet Andrew, Diane and Michael just seemed to ignore what she was saying and move onto new subjects.

I think it’s great that a high profile celeb like Lily is so down to earth and aware of what’s going on in the economy, it would be great if more people our age could speak out. Read more about Lily Allen’s housing opinions at House Price Crash.

One Response to “Lily Allen's views on the UK housing market”

  1. John Says:

    Hi I agree with you (+Lily) that house prices are the most serious problem for young people today. For a ‘safe’ 100sqm flat in central london you would be looking at paying 1.5mn pounds. For a similar flat in New York you would pay 300k pounds. Where does the 1.2mn difference go to? That’s the tax you have to pay for our NIMBY planning laws.

    If this continues then hardworking young people will never be able to afford to have children.